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Ride Group
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Windows Phone
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6 Desirable Features
Matching engine provides real-time continuous trip matching and status updates.
Organizational Ride Groups for businesses, universities and Public Groups for communities.
Use adhoc trip matching for 1 passenger group or use carpool feature to pick up more than 1 passenger groups.
Available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified). Launched in US, Canada. Beta for French, Spanish, UK, Ireland, China, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia.
Multiple selection criteria such as proximity to route,  detour distance, etc.
No mandatory fare, no admin fee. It's FREE!
6 Easy Steps to Share Rides
Share rides with the public and/or create/join ride group to share rides with members of your own group.
Add a trip (ride or drive). Specify date/time, origin and destination. Driver specifies maximum range and detour distance.
Application receives automatic updates. User determines which match to 'like'. App receives real-time status updates (Win 7 device receives e-mail).
  When both driver and rider 'like' the same match, both can comunicate using phone, SMS. Driver then confirms ride with passenger.
  For carpooling, driver confirms trip with other passengers up to maximum capacity of the vehicle.
Driver picks up passenger(s) at pre-determined time, completes the trip.
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